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Interest tracking of Chinese students

The rapid development of China, let many students contact with too many things, and change too fast, timely capture the Chinese students' interest is really difficult, after analysis of marketing staff to follow up, Chinese pupils can produce strong interest from two aspects:
1, China has a mobile phone, even the primary parents will be assigned to them, they have not to be able to control the game get, so for now the most popular mobile phone game, is also the primary school students are most interested in things, such as the game characters and things will be much for the fusion course, these ages the students love, the most important is they are familiar with these things, said to understand.
2, in the rapid development of the China economy, one to the holidays, including Saturday Sunday, parents are out to play with children, mainly rural or children's entertainment, the local toy or is happening, children are very interested in, like India and deepest.
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